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Nagasaki Wagyu Beef Dejima Rose Steak and Deluxe MIX Bento

Contains a variety of ingredients including meat, vegetables, and fish. The bento is seasoned to make it as delicious as possible, making it a well-balanced bento box that is popular among people of all ages.

3,240 yen (tax included)

Nagasaki Wagyu Dejima Rose Steak and Homemade Hamburger Bento

We have created a bento box that allows you to enjoy the taste of meat, packed with 3 types of meat dishes, including Japanese beef, homemade hamburger steak with plenty of gravy, and stewed beef tendon, all with seasonings that can only be found at our restaurant.

2,160 yen (tax included)

Nagasaki Wagyu Dejima Rose Steak and Assorted Grilled Vegetables

While enjoying Japan's No. 1 award-winning Wagyu beef with our original sauce, we finish it off with our carefully selected seasonal grilled vegetables.

1,620 yen (tax included)

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