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Great beer, great music, and great encounters

Akame opened in July 2017 and is a teppan izakaya that is loved by locals, tourists, and many others. Every night, many customers come to our restaurant for delicious drinks and food. Please come and visit us at Akame. We look forward to your visit.

​Red Eye Commitment


We are particular about "local production for local consumption" in Nagasaki, and do our best every day to avoid using chemical seasonings so that we can provide delicious and safe local ingredients.

We express "Nagasaki-ness" and "Akame-ness" in our dishes.

You can taste any of Nagasaki's ``meat,'' ``fish,'' and ``vegetables,'' and you can also enjoy watching the food being cooked on the griddle right in front of you.

​All of our staff members are creating a store that customers will want to come back to.

​Seasonal menu

​Now is the season! We are preparing a seasonal menu.

​I'm tired of the menu...I won't let you say that! !

We have many limited time menus, so don't miss out (*'ω'*)

store information

■Yago name

Nagasaki Teppan Red Eye



1F & 2F Tsuday Building, 9-17 Doza-cho, Nagasaki City, Nagasaki Prefecture



■ Opening of business

July 2017

■Business hours

​Mon-Sun 17:30-23:00

■Regular holidays

​None (12/31/1/1 store holiday)


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At Akame, we are currently looking for people who can help liven up the store. No experience in the food and beverage industry is required. Please be motivated and apply!


We are recruiting staff!


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